15 Hobbies For Men To Become Happier Guys In Life

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15 Hobbies For Men To Become Happier Guys In Life

Getting a new hobby is a way to balance your life. As a man you should develop new hobbies. It not only adds to your impressive skill set, but also makes you become a better guy and a happier person. This list will give you some recommends, bring a new feeling for your holiday or even free time. Not everything I describe below will apply to you. But let’s take a look at the list, we are sure that you can have one good for you.
1. Drinking
There is a funny quote about drinking, say "It's a lot easier to start the day when you know it will end with beer". That's the reason why I want to add drinking first on the list of hobbies for guys. As long as you are not an alcoholic, a beer at the end of the day will be ok. Choose one t shirt about beer in our collection here.

2. Photography
There are some tips to get a new hobby as photography. How you begin depends on being what you'd like to get out of photography and how much you're willing to invest.  The easiest way to start is begin with what you've already have. Your mobile phone can be a great camera. Then after you crush on being a photographer, let's think about a good camera. Here is my recommend for your beginning:
- Entry level DSLR and lens: $400
- 35mm Camera body & lens: $40, + film: $12 per 24 exposures
- Point & Shoot camera: $150 - $200.
You can photograph people or landscapes. I've always believed that the best way to learn how something works is to just get out and start using it. After you’ve played around with a camera a bit and done some own experimentation - the tutorials, guidebooks, and even the camera’s manual will make more sense, allowing you to learn even more.
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3. Music
Music is a popular hobby for almost everyone, adding music to the list doesn’t mean getting start with this hobby, but means changing your music style. Why don't you think about listening to new kind of music, not about the one you are often listen?  It’s not only about relaxing, but listening a new kind of music may also help you feel more sympathy for other people, even sympathy for yourself. Music has a magical touch to every soul.
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4. Dancing
If you love music, lever up to dancing. Ladies dig a man who knows how to dance. If you a in the city, the good choice is ballroom dance. Most cities have ballroom dancing studios. If you're married or have a girlfriend, ballroom dancing is a great date night activity. If not, it's time for you to meet the new one.

5. Kayaking
Kayaking is such a great way to spend time with family and friends while enjoying the outdoors. The best way to learn how to paddle is to join a local club. While it's possible to learn a great deal about the sport through reading, lessons will improve your technique, reduce your risk of injuries and help you become more aware of safety issues when on the water.
Kayaking can be an expensive pastime, you should try first. Let's consider borrowing or hiring equipment at first until you are sure that you enjoy kayaking enough to pay for a full kit.
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6. Boating
With a boat, you will have an excellent family time, everyone has something to do - fishing, sunbathing, napping, swimming, eating, drinking, socializing, no TV.
However, this seems an "expensive" hobby, because not everyone can own a boat. They break down all the time. They’re expensive to repair. Fuel prices are through the roof and no one ever offers gas money for a ride.
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7. Sailing
 Like boating, but sailing might be more suitable for younger men, as long as you love waves, and wind. A sailing-lovers said the wind is the key of sailing. Also, be sure not to sail onto unknown beaches since hidden rocks and stones can damage the hulls.
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8. Motorcycling
You look so "manly" with motorcycling. It’s hard for any man to deny this hobby. Though, you need to think a lot about whether you should start or not. You're not likely to divert major portions of your annual income to something that is "just a hobby." And you're not likely to shape a good part of your life around something that you refer to as your hobby. But a lifelong and life-defining passion, that would seem to be a different matter. When you start to see motorcycling as something well beyond the status of a hobby, when you start to put it truly in its real perspective within your personal "hierarchy of needs," you're taking a step toward healthier levels of self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

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9. Yoga
Yoga can be a hobby for man, why always thinking about women when recommend man. If your wife does yoga? Great! She will teach you how to do, in addition having more time together. Yoga, or even meditation is great to relax, have energy for you daily life. You can easily realize that many of good yoga teachers are men.
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10. Surfing
Most men fall in love with surfing just after first experience. No matter how surfers find the sport, it becomes an almost-addictive hobby into which they immerse themselves.
Surfing is not an expensive hobby financially, but it does cost time:  time to get to the waves if you don't live on the beach, time spent waiting for the right conditions between weather and tides before you can even get out and go, and even more time spent just paddling out getting your butt kicked as you learn.  It's not easy and takes a lot of effort and practice to get to the point where you're up and riding.

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11. Hiking
Hiking is an obvious choice for men who love walking and nature and looking for a weekend activity. Better to start hiking in the summer time when the weather is quite cool. Hiking is a simple activity that only requires a good pair of boots, plenty of water and snacks, and a positive mindset to enjoy. In many ways, hiking has transformed your life and make you feel like a happier man.

12. Camping
Get a group of friends and set off to a beautiful beach, native forest, or an isolated lake, and fun will be guaranteed. Camping helps you to get a more open world, will lots of skills after your journey. Even you don't think about camping can become a part of you life, a man should try at least one time in every 5-years to explore new things.
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13. Running
Running might be one of the most popular hobbies for men, but how about turning into a habit, 'cause running for all men in the world, I've asked several of my running buddies how they turned running from a hobby into a habit and each person has a different story. A lot of people hate speed work. Instead, they have found their passion for the sport through group runs, trail running, or marathon training.

14. Swimming
All men should know how to swim. Swimming is one of the best exercises for your heart. It strengthens the heart muscle and, because of its relaxing nature, is beneficial to people who have difficulty engaging in other forms of exercise.  You can swim in a pool or on a river but my favorite is always on the beach. Feel the sunshine and the waves helps me relax and fresh.

15. Gardening
Are you a dad now? And the best dad in the world is a man who know how to do gardening. Be patient - wait and see what comes up, you can feel how amazing a gardening man is! That’s the reason why I put gardening at the end of the list.

There are many more hobbies for man. Anyway, we hope this list can give you a brand new thing in your life.
15 Hobbies For Men To Become Happier Guys In Life 15 Hobbies For Men To Become Happier Guys In Life Author: T Shirt Design
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