Mens American Travelholics Aventure Untamed Multisport Traveler T-shirts $19.00

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Design Description:

Yes Im actually a backpacker-or a low-cost traveler from Asia, I also sometimes voluntarily work as an English speaking teacher , teaching poor students to speak English in far-flung, moutainous areas in developing countries in Southest-Asia. For years, I have had opportunities to see so many places in our beautiful world, especially in the Asia. I ,fortunately, have reached the top of Everest, walked on the Great Wall of China or visited The Grand Palace in Thailand. However, the more I travel, the more I realize that "beautiful" may not be the only adjective to describe our Earth Mother, and poverty, hunger, illiteracy and disease still exist somewhere in our planet. Thats when I came to help teach English speaking in a primary school in Vietnam. The school, a large thatch-covered conical roof house actually, was surrounded by dozen bombs left untriggered after the Vietnam war. The students get very poor access to social, cultural or , of course, foreign language knowledge because the library capacity there was seriously limited, and the number of books is very few. I stayed there two weeks and found that the students in this school are pretty smart and enthusiastic, especially fond of learning English but obviously the poor school equipment there cld not help them optimize their potential. So, I decided to design this shirt in the hope of gaining support from you-the good people from all over our beautiful world to help poor children in war-devastated countries like Vietnam have more chances to become doctors, scientists, or teachers. 60% profit will be donated to 5 school libraries in the central province of Quang Tri in Vietnam to buy more books and the other 40% will be donated to buy school uniforms for underprivileged children. Thank you for reading this. One more click, one more hope saved.
Shop USA online stores and ship around the world, mens American travelholics aventure untamed multisport traveler t-shirts.
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Mens American Travelholics Aventure Untamed Multisport Traveler T-shirts $19.00 Mens American Travelholics Aventure Untamed Multisport Traveler T-shirts $19.00 Author: T Shirt Design
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